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The official title of this issue was "DIE BROMELIEN 4/1980". For technical reasons it had to be changed to "DIE BROMELIEN - 1980(4)" because slashes in article titles can cause errors in the mediawiki software.

Please note that the older publications of the DBG were released in german language only. They mostly did not contain any english abstracts or translations of the articles. If so, it will be added below.

Table of contents

  • Gisela Berger - Jahreshauptversammlung in Ulm
  • Gisela Berger - Protokoll der Jahreshauptversammlung
  • Hans Werner Hammen - Bericht des Schatzmeisters
  • Heribert von Esebeck - Bromelien-Ausstellung im Palmengarten
  • Paul Heinrich Stettler - Unser letztes Titelbild Aechmea tessmannii
  • Wilhelm Weber - Fachausdrücke von Bromelien-Merkmalen
  • Hermann Prinsler, Dieter Roth - Neue Bromelienliteratur Andere Pflanzenbücher

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