DIE BROMELIE - 2019(1)

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Table of contents

  • Front Cover - A white flowered of Tillandsia gardneri var. rupicola
  • Klaus Eistetter, Monika Bruggaier, Andreas Böker, Peter Tristram, Derek Butcher, Walter Till, Timm Stolten, Pia Roesslein, Stefan und Ira Merz, Paul T. Isley, Eric Gouda, Manfred Kretz, Len Colgan - In Memory of Renate Ehlers
  • USA Bromeliad Collect Order 2019
  • News from the Conservation Collection
  • Monika Bruggaier, Dieter Biletzke - On the Passing of Rainer Hasselmann
  • Paul T. Isley III - The Fire
  • Monika Bruggaier - Current Developments in the German Bromeliad Society
  • Back Cover - September, 2009: Jürgen Lautner presenting a beautiful specimen of Tillandsia imperialis at his home in his garden