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The DBG-Logo

What is the DBG ?

The purposes of this society are to promote and maintain public and scientific interest in the research, development, preservation, and distribution of bromeliads, both natural and hybrid, throughout the world.


The DBG was founded by a group of bromeliad enthusiasts in Frankfurt am Main. Under the guidance of Dr. Gustav Schoser, director of the Frankfurter Palmengarten at that time, assembled the leading scientists, cultivators and collectors in order to create a platform for these plant species and to make it known to general public. The aims framed back then - wich were exchange of experience concerning cultivation, participation in exhibitions, regular meetings, maintaining contact in between the mebmers, promotion and publication of scientific papers - are the same till this day.

What do we offer ?

  • Conventions & Meetings: The most important and most popular occasion concerning the exchange of experiences and plants is the annual meeting of members, called JHV (Jahreshauptversammlung). It takes place in different cities of Germany or close-by foreign countries, allways at the end of summer. In the past few years a minor meeting in spring was additionally established.
  • Local groups: In some parts of Germany local groups were founded who hold frequent meetings. In addition to that several sporadic regional get-togethers like open house presentations arranged by members, member nurseries or botanical gardens are offered. We present our work and our plants at information booths at various botanical exhibitions and regional fairs.
  • Publications: Since its foundation the DBG has released diverse publications. By now our magazine DIE BROMELIE (The Bromeliad) appears in print three times a year reporting on interesting topics, newly described species, scientific studies and practical tips for cultivation, in German as well as in English.
  • Projects: It is one of our main concerns to individually promote and sponsor projects concerning the research on and the preservation of these singular plants. This is tightly fixed in the constitution of the DBG. Based on this aim several projects of young scientists, Germans as well as foreigners, were promoted in the past, most of them in the countries of origin of these wonderful plants, and the results were published.
  • Conservation Collection: In 2010 the buildup of a Conservation Collection for bromeliads was decided. Purpose of the collection is to assemble and cultivate well documented plants of certain provenience, for example if someone needs to dissolve his collection and does not find a successor.
  • Joint orders: At irregular intervals, but approximately annually, joint orders are organised at German or international vendors to obtain rare plant species. These joint orders allow DGB-members to buy rare bromeliad species from specialised nurseries and to share the costs for transport and - where applicable - import.
  • Library: The library contains both current and antiquarian titles and is open for loan to all members.
  • Media Library: The media library holds various image series on different topics which are also available for loan.
  • Seed Fund: The Seed Fund makes bromeliad seeds available to all members for a small allowance. The centrally collected seeds are frozen and thus storable for years without substantial loss to its germination capacity.


If we were able to arouse your interest and you would like to become a member, please find more details here.