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To grow bromeliads from seeds is quite easy. Difficult is to get seeds. Because of this, the DBG started the seed fund. Here, all members can get seeds against a little fee.

Now you have the possibility, to order pollen. This is only a service for members. The price is the same as for seeds.

The seeds in our seed fund are stored in a freezer, so the germination will remain. After you received the seeds, they should be sown immediately.


You can order the seeds in portions. One portion is approx. the quantity of one seed-capsule, by pollen the quantity in one flower. The expenses for one package is 3,-€ for members. If you are not a member of the Deutsche Bromelien-Gesellschaft, the expenses are 4,-€. For shipments outside Germany, please inquire. For payment please use the account of the Deutsche Bromeliengesellschaft e. V.:

Deutsche Bromelien-Gesellschaft e.V.
Account number: 373923606
bank code number: 50010060
IBAN: DE88500100600373923606
(Postbank Frankfurt am Main)

Prior to you order, please get in contact with:

Dominik Dresel

Collecting seeds / pollen

The seed fund only can exist with your help. For collecting seeds, only dry capsules should be used. The seeds should not have been wet or dusty. Please contact me if you would donate seeds or pollen. If you will wait for more seeds or pollen prior to shipment, please store them in your freezer.

The seeds in scientific collections are divided into three categories:

  • 1: Seeds collected on the natural habitat.
  • 2: Seeds from cultured plants, pollinated manually. The parent-plants have to be known.
  • 3: Seeds from cultured plants of unknown origin.

If possible, please state ach much as possible informations regarding the donated seeds or pollen. Informations about collecting seeds you can find in, Lieselotte Hromadnik, "DIE BROMELIE“ 1993(2)" on page 60.

Your knowledge is needed

The seed fund is not only meant as an place for seed exchange. Your experiences in germination and further care of the plants is needed. So we have the possibility, to build a knowledge-database for this topic.

Available Seeds

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List of all available seeds

Available Pollen

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List of all available pollen