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Welcome to the website of the German Bromeliad Society

The German Bromeliad Society (Deutschen Bromelien-Gesellschaft e.V., or just DBG)
is an association of plantlovers who are engaged with the fascinating plants
of the pineapple-family, better known as bromeliads.

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What are bromeliads

The Bromeliads (also called pineapple plants) are a plant family which exclusively is found in America containing approximately 3000 plant species. No other family includes as many bizarre looking, fascinating and inspiring species. Especially the Grey or White Tillandsias enjoy great and growing popularity. Even limited space is no impediment to successfully cultivating many of the most beautiful species. Yet Bromeliads, included Tillandsias, are no more demanding than ordinary room plants, provided that one bothers to know a bit about their habitat and tries to “understand” their needs.

DBG-000288 (TS) WP 20170608 11 25 58 Pro.jpg

Tillandsia celata
Aechmea wuelfinghoffii (TS) 2-00160.jpg

Aechmea wuelfinghoffii
Alcantarea edmundoi (TS) 2-03448.jpg

Alcantarea edmundoi
Canistrum aurantiacum (TS) 2-3551.jpg

Canistrum aurantiacum
Cryptanthus fosterianus (TS) 2-05167.jpg

Cryptanthus fosterianus
Puya spec (NS) 4860.jpg

Puya spec.
Puya spec (NS) 5675.jpg

Puya spec.
Quesnelia liboniana (TS) 2-05428.jpg

Quesnelia liboniana
Tillandsia lotteae (TS) 2-3884.jpg

Tillandsia lotteae
Tillandsia australis BOL El Fuerte de Samaipata 3.jpg

Tillandsia australis
Tillandsia spec. (NS) 5583.jpg

Tillandsia spec.
Tillandsia bryoides (TS) 00680.jpg

Tillandsia bryoides
Tillandsia caulescens (TS) 2-05339.jpg

Tillandsia caulescens
Tillandsia reuteri (TS) 2-05971.jpg

Tillandsia reuteri
Tillandsia sphaerocephala (TS) 2-6001.jpg

Tillandsia sphaerocephala