DIE BROMELIE - 2018(3)

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Table of contents

  • Front Cover - Brocchinia reducta in flower
  • Pierre J. Braun & Bruno Gonçalves Brito - Xeromorphic Bromeliads from Brazil (II): Encholirium spectabile at the Type Locality
  • Michael A. Wisnev - The Confusing Tale of Billbergia saundersii and Billbergia chlorosticta – What is the Correct Name?
  • Andreas Böker - From 0 to 3650 m and 8 to 37 °C – Colombia is everything (Part 1)
  • Pierre J. Braun - A New Dyckia from the Border Area between Minas Gerais and Goiás (Brazil): Dyckia seringeriana
  • Hermann Prinsler - Greenhouse Shading with Paint
  • Sabine Kleineisel - Annual General Meeting of the Deutsche Bromelien-Gesellschaft e. V. in Potsdam 2018
  • Back Cover - Probably Tillandsia fendleri at Cloister Montserrate, Colombia