Feel free to contact us on any matters concerning our Bromeliad-Society.

President Monika Bruggaier E-Mail
Vice-President Steffen Händler E-Mail
Secretary Arne Seringer E-Mail
Treasurer Dr. Bernd Brehmer E-Mail

Directory of Committee Chairmen and Services
Office Arne Seringer Dierdorfer Weg 28, D-50767 Köln, Germany; Phone: +49-221-78946080 E-Mail
Library Uwe Scharf E-Mail
International Coordinator Peter Tristram E-Mail
Media Library Erich Haugg E-Mail
Editor Mag. Dr. Michael H.J. Barfuss E-Mail
Seed Fund Dominik Dresel E-Mail
Webmaster Timm Stolten E-Mail

Local groups
Regionalgruppe Sachsen/Sachsen-Anhalt
(Local group Saxony/Saxony-Anhalt)
Petra Hensel E-Mail
Regionalgruppe Stuttgart
(Local group Stuttgart)
Thomas Kleineisel Schlossgartenstraße 3, D-75050 Gemmingen, Germany; Phone: +49-7267-8709 E-Mail